Olympians of the month 11.2018

Lương Thục Anh 1A2
Thuc Anh usually exerts her self-control in the class, she actively follows the classroom rules and respects the expected classroom environment. Especially, she always arranges books neatly, uses an appropriate vollume and works effectively in the Homeroom time. Besides, she is always friendly to teachers and friends. 1A2 are proud of her.
Mai Minh Anh Thư 1A3
Anh Thư has improved a lot when she has eaten faster to be in class on time. During lunches, Anh Thu eats more vegetables and soup. In addition, Thu has the ability to work independently for a long time very well.
Lê Đại Phúc 1A4
Đại Phúc usually exerts him self-control in the class, he actively follows the classroom rules and respects the expected classroom environment. Especially, he always arranges books neatly, uses an appropriate vollume and does assigned tasks immediately in the Self-actualization time. Teachers and other students in the class 1A4 are proud of him.
Phùng Lưu Diệp Hương 2A1
Diep Huong has a lot of improvements during this time. She always keeps the properly volume and pays attention in all activities. She is responsible in all given tasks. Keep up the good job!
Nguyễn Nam Trung 2A2
Nam Trung is loved by classmates because of friendliness and fun. He creates interesting games to attracts friends, and spreads the joy to the entire class. Congratulations!
Lê Bảo Ngân 2A3
Bao Ngan is nominated due to her responsibility for being a punctual class helper. Besides, she is also a responsible member when cleaning up after lessons and arranging books.
Nguyễn Anh Hoàng 3A1
There has been a huge improvement in Anh Hoang's behavioral autonomy in learning. He has been proactively ready for every self- actualization time. Besides, he has shown his respect for class rules, especially when listening very attentively.
Nguyễn Gia Hân 3A2
Gia Han follows the class rules and completes her homework well. She is also a responsible class helper, always keeping the board clean before every lesson. In addition, she is an active member to connect her classmates. Keep up the good work!
Trương Hà Linh 3A3
Ha Linh has always been the first person to sit down at her desk and get ready when the bell rings. She shows respect by listening actively and greeting all the teachers and staffs politely. She is also an active class helper, supporting the teachers in checking homework every day.
Nguyễn An Khánh 4A4
An Khanh is always willing to instruct and help her friends who struggle in completing tasks, even in breaktime. Moreover, she was one of the most active students who prepared the Teachers' day event.
Trần Bảo Anh 4A1
Bao Anh is always ready for every lesson. She always listens and starts doing tasks instantly. Bảo Anh also proactively helps her friend to follow the class regulations. Furthermore, she always completes homework on time with the best quality.
Nguyễn Kim Chi 4A2
Kim Chi has shown a noticeable improvement in this month. In spite of being a new student, Kim Chi has been getting on well with her friends. She is always responsible for all the tasks. Chi also always seeks for teachers' help proactively whenever she encounters a difficulty and tries her best in any activities.
Trịnh Huyền My 1A4
Huyen My has made great efforts in mathematics. In each lesson, she usually actively completes the task of learning in a short time. Especially, when learning about the addition, teacher has seen the excitement in her eyes when she played reflective games to read the results.
Đoàn Minh Anh 1A1
Minh Anh is always trying her best in learning Vietnamese. She practices reading and writing skills everyday. Therefore she can read quite fast and her handwiting improves a lot. She also completes all her tasks well.
Lê Đỗ Tuệ Minh 4A2
In English lessons, Tue Minh is a model student. She is always ready for class, completes all her tasks on time with a positive attitude. She also works well with others and supports classmates. 


Trần Quốc Khang 4A3
Quoc Khang is always an active and nice student. He tries to complete his tasks and give out the various ideas. He supports the teacher in helping classmates to complete the tasks. Let's keep it up! Teachers are proud of him!


1/ Nguyễn An Khánh - 4A4
2/ Nguyễn Tùng Lâm - 4A4
3/ Cao Đăng Dũng - 4A4
4/ Lê Minh - 4A4
5/ Trần Quốc Khang - 4A3
6/ Trương Quỳnh Anh - 4A3 
7/ Trịnh Minh Quang - 4A3
8/ Phùng Đình Đạt - 4A3
9/ Mạc Đình Anh - 4A1
10/ Phạm Gia Bách - 4A1
11/ Nguyễn Tân Long - 4A1
12/ Vũ Tùng Bách - 4A1
13/ Võ Nguyễn Tường Minh - 4A4
14/ Trần Diệp Anh - 4A4
15/ Phạm Tuấn Lam - 4A4
16/ Trương Cao Khôi - 4A2
17/ Nguyễn Gia Hân - 3A2
18/ Lê Minh Anh - 3A2
18/ Lương Nguyên Vũ - 3A2
19/ Hoàng Gia Trí - 3A3
20/ Nguyễn Gia Bách - 3A3
21/ Mai Bảo Châu 3A1
22/ Nguyễn Lê Minh - 3A1
23/ Nguyễn Trung Hải - 3A1
You all volunteered to participate as a member of the team organizing the Opening Ceremony of MILO Basketball Cup final. You all were involved with the spirit of self-conscious, positive and responsible for the work assigned.

Nguyễn Ngọc Bình Minh 7H1
Binh Minh is an obedient, hard working student. She always shows her effort in studying. She is always serious and responsible to her personal tasks as well as group's. She is also very active, enthusiastic to participate in Math Olympiad and Weekly Math challenge.

Đỗ Châu Minh Anh 6H3
Minh Anh is always keen on learning and has shown great efforts to participate in all activities.

Grade 8
Grade 8 students are always ready, active, and solidary to contribute to the success of study-experience trip named "Village that time" (Literature of grade 8) at Nha Dieu, Tram Long. They experienced many useful studying activities and had beautiful happy memories.


Đặng Đình Khánh Nam 
He is an excellent presenter in all the assignments. He is a model student in English class as well..


Female Basketball Team
The basketball team practiced actively and achieved second prize in HAC Basketball championship for secondary school students.


Nguyễn Thuận An
Thuan An has made a great progress in Photograph Club, her photos have good composition, beautiful colors and high personal impression.


Trương Thị Linh Nhạn
Nhan is a good, polite student. She always goes to the bus stop on time and follows rules on the bus


Trần Minh Ngọc
Ngoc has improved remarkably in 4 English skills and put a great effort into every task assigned.


Lê Thu Thủy, Quách Hoàng Nhi, Đỗ Thu Trang, Đỗ Quỳnh Trang,Nguyễn Hà Anh.
These students were very active when they carried out the learning activities in the interdisciplinary project about hydroelectric power in daily life and they also presented their high quality learning products to the teachers of Social Science Department.


Nguyễn Tú Linh Đan, Lê Thu Giang, Nguyễn Hảo Anh, Dương Mỹ An, Bùi Đức Quang, Nguyễn Thế Minh, Doãn Hoàng Nhi, Trần Thu Hằng.
This group includes active, responsible students who successfully complete all learning activities during experiential study at Hue.


 Nguyễn Thu Yến K12,  Lê Đình Khánh Linh, Nguyễn Hảo Anh K11
They had a long research process to carry out two projects and won the 3rd place prize of Nam Tu Liem scientific and technical research competition.