Olympians of September 2017

Nguyen Minh Vu - 2A3
He's always enthusiastic about learning in every lesson. He's the first to raise his hand to answer any question and is an example to others on how to pronounce English phonics. His homework is always done with care and he's happy to help others. 
Hoang Thu Truc - 8G
She has been a very good student in the class. She’s always tried hard and honest.
Phan Thi Viet Thuong - 12H
She is a very hardworking student who is attentive and always stays on task even though she struggles with the task given to her. Her attitude and focus in class is much appreciated. She was also the MC for the conference " United Nations Sustainable Development Goals" hosted by 12th grader on 15th September 2017.
Pham Ha Vy - 3A1
Ha Vy is a good student who acquires knowledge very quickly. She has so many creative ideas. She is considered a poet with a lot of amazing poems and essays.
Tran An Khanh - Grade 8
An Khanh has excellent language proficiency with clear and organized expressions. She is also a hard working and responsible student who always actively takes part in class activities. Especially, she is cooperative and helpful when working in a team.
Nguyen Tuan Dung - Grade 11
Tuan Dung is a student who has a passion for History with his, qualities and ability to learn by himself. Dung always demonstrates his ability through class lessons as well as bravery when participating in a competition at city-level.
Le Chi Bach - 3A4
Chi Bach always contributes actively in class. He completes all assigned tasks quickly and accurately. His results in homework and tests are excellent.
Nguyen Minh Tuan - 8M1
Minh Tuan is very intelligent, hard-working and active in class. In addition, he enthusiastically participated in the Weekly Math Challenges and was honored several times in August and September.
Doan Hoang Nhi - 10M1
Hoang Nhi is a great role model for her classmates in Math class. She has achieved excellent results in all assigned tasks.
Ta Phu An - 8M1
An is a student possessing an inquiry mindset and always proactively engaged in class activities
Pham Tuan Hung - 10M1
Tuan Hung is eager to explore and learn; he is highly engaged in class activities.
Le Ngan Ha– 1A1
Ngan Ha is responsible for her own study; she participates well in class.
Do Thi Minh Giang - Grade 11
Minh Giang supports media team proactively in designing materials for VSDC 2017
Tran Xuan An - 7 NCDT
Xuan An is a very friendly student and has competences in music. She always tries her best and supports her classmates and shows her leadership very well in team work
Nguyen Vu Thien Anh - Grade 9 
Thien Anh has a very good learning. He alway tries his best. He comes actively to his teacher to get more knowledge about the subject
Chu Anh Khoa - 2A1
Anh Khoa likes drawing. He now concentrates and completes all tasks in class better than at the beginning of the school year. He can create artwork with good composition, and carefully complete the colors for the whole artwork.
Dang Bao Han - 1A2
Bao Han is always ready to take the tasks and successfully completes. Every member in 1A2 loves Bao Han because of her kindness.  
Vu Truc Thanh Binh - Class 2A2
Thanh Binh is ready and well-prepared for all activities. She always take care of other members in 2A2 and does all the tasks in an active way.
Tran Nam Khanh - 3A2
Nam Khanh is ready and well-prepared for all activities. He does all the tasks in an active way. Khanh is a friendly and postive member of 3A2.


Tran Khanh An - 4A1
Khanh An achieved a lot of improvement in self-control. She enjoys all the activities in class.
Vi Quang Tung - Grade 7
In the Mid-Autumn Event, He was actively taking the assigned task of playing the role for Hang Nga.


Nguyen Duc Anh - Grade 7
In the Mid-Autumn Event, He was actively taking the assigned task of playing the role for Chu Tieu.
Vu Huy Thanh - Grade 9
From the very first day of preparing, he actively contributed the ideas for the event. He always finish the assigned tasks on time and also have lot of brilliant ideas.