Olympians of September 2016

Tran Phuong Nhi - Grade 4

She always gives her all in every lesson, excellently completes learning tasks, displays her cooperation and constructive participation in teamwork. She has greatly inspired an engaging and joyful learning environment in our classroom.

Tran Thu Hang - Grade 9
Hang is very skilled in writing. She always completes all her homework with high quality. Her speaking and contributions in class has improved a lot as well, compared to the beginning of the year. Hang always holds herself to very high standards and works hard to produce good work.

Nguyen Tu Linh Dan - Grade 9
She is very creative in her Literature subject.

Pham Ngoc Minh Thu - Grade 9
She is very creative in her Literature subject.

Vu Thanh An - Grade 10
He is very creative, with a positive attitude. He just moved to Xcel class but he has shown effort, autonomous and highly motivated in his Literature classes.

Vu Minh Thu - Grade 3
She is well-behaved and always strives to give her best during class time. Her work is very creative with clear structure.


Do Viet Phuong - Grade 3
Viet Phuong has a positive learning attitude, active in doing her tasks, detect and solve problems right away. Her homework and tests have excellent results.

Cao Khoi Nguyen - Grade 8
Khoi Nguyen can catch up quickly, he is energetic during class time. He also maintains a stable positive learning attitude throughout the term.



To Chi Hien - Grade 10
Chi Hien has a good learning ability, he achieved good results in his studies.

Pham Ngan Ha - Grade 10
She is enthusiastic and willing to learn. She has been really helpful in supporting the teacher in class.

Le Nhat Trang - Grade 5
Nhat Trang has recently demonstrated a natural ability to lead and support small groups. She guided them well and gave them clear tasks and structures. I have witnessed a new 'flare' for learning in Nhat Trang which I hope to strengthen as the year progresses.

Pham Le Ha An - Grade 4
Ha An has worked to the very best of her abilities this term, whilst ensuring all homework deadlines were met. Furthermore, she has gained over stickers of recognition for being on target, on team and on time.

Dinh Hieu Minh - Grade 6
She always completes all her tasks, works well in group and has a positive learning attitude. She is the only students who got 10 mark on the big test.

Ta Quynh Dung - Grade 9
She completed her work early and had a deep personal reflection on the impact of data, online information toward to human's decision.

Nguyen Khanh Ngan - Grade 9
She controls herself very well in the self-actualization time. She remembers and follows directions. Besides, she is always friendly with others.

Phan Tran Phuong Anh - Grade 2
She has many friendly behaviors and always helps others. She also controls herself very well in the class. Besides, she has many ideas for solving the classroom problems.

Luu Tien Minh Nghia - Grade 3
He has many ideas for solving the classroom problems. He always remembers and follows directions. Besides, he always volunteers to help others.

Vu Quynh Nhi - Grade 4

She is active in all classroom activities. Specially, she has actively participated in volunteer activities although her name wasn't listed in the list of the volunteer team. She also performed her class helper job well. Besides, she always comes to class prepared.