Olympians of October 2017



Class 9H and 10H
Both 9H and 10H students made a plan, conducted the plan and organized successfully the African Exhibition. Students provided Olympians with useful updated knowledge about African countries.
Nguyen Minh Vu - 2A3
He's always enthusiastic about learning in every lesson. He's the first to raise his hand to answer any question and is an example to others on how to pronounce English phonics. His homework is always done with care and he's happy to help others. 
Le Lam GIang - 3A2
She is always very well behaved in class and acts as a brilliant role model for other students to learn from. She is driven, focused and hard working with everything she does. 
Ta Phu An - 8D
He is a new student to the school, Ta Phu An proved to be very flexible and well adaptive to the new environment. He has expressed a great attitude and shown a really good academic results in the first term


Le Thi Ngoc Quyen - Grade 12
Quyen is a hardworking, serious student in Geography class. She always tries her best in her study as well as setting clear goal of getting the Hanoi City Geography Honor Student in her learning process. Please continue to promote your ability in the future and reach your goal
Grade 9
Congratulations to the students who won in The School Literature Contest.
Le Hoang Lan Vy - 2A1
Lan Vy is keen on reading activities in particular and Vietnamese subjects in general. Not only does she work very hard but she also actively participates in activities and responsibilities to finish the learning tasks. In reading activities, she is recognized for reading the poems and presenting the best reading diaries.
Truong Khanh An - 2A2
Khanh An is always ready for every lesson. She consistently does her homework with neat and careful writing. She is excited and actively completes all given tasks very fast with impressive quality.


Nguyen Huy Hieu - 6H4
Huy Hieu is a nice and active student. Due to the effort he gave to self-study and his hard work, he achieved impressive results at the end of Term I.
Nguyen Ba Thanh - 9M1
Ba Thanh is a fast learner with great logical thinking and activeness in class activities. He completes projects on time with impressive quality and has been honored in Weekly Math Challenges.


Dang Bao Han -  1A2
Han is always ready for class and participates well in all activities.
Truong Thi Thao Anh - 7H4
Thao Anh is showing her great effort in studying Chemistry. She completes all the work and pay attention in class.
Pham Vu Duy Anh - Grade 8 
Duy Anh is showing his great effort in Science class. His performance has improved significantly.
Nguyen Cao Ky - 1A1
Cao Ky always follows very well all regulations of his PE class. HE practises all exsercices actively and shows his very good mouvement skills.
Ho Cong Thanh - 7MT1.1
Cong Thanh is an active student. He always prepares all needed school things for his classes, all meterials for art subjects. He knows how to use his knowledge about shapes, space in applied art to make scupture objects with recycled materials. He is always freindly and ready to help his classmates.
Nguyen Kevin Duc Minh - 10/ Basketball
Duc Minh always practices most actively in all PE hour, shows his continuous improvement in high school basketball team. In Athletic games this year, he registered in many individual and team competitive subjects. Specially, he won all 3 best prizes for 100m, 200m and 400mm
Le Minh Anh - 1A1
Minh Anh is a friendly and positive member of 1A1 by helping other students. She does all homework and meets the teachers' requirements.
Le Minh Huy - 2A3
Minh Huy is well-controlled in sitting position during class time. He is a positive helper of the class as well as good at PBIS and enthusiastically participates in school events.
Nguyen Le Chau - 3A3
Le Chau often says friendly words to other members. She is willing  and positive with the tasks assigned. She is also a dedicated helper of the class.
Duong Hoang Quynh Anh - 4A2
Quynh Anh is active, enthusiastic in doing tasks as well as team - work activities. In particular, she expresses very well the spirit of cooperation when working in group.


Tran Vinh Phat - 2A1
He enthusiastically participated in the Walkathon event and he was also the primary student with the most rounds completed (10 rounds). 
Le Vu Ha- 6H1
He enthusiastically participated in the Walkathon event and he was also the middle school student with the most rounds completed (11 rounds). 
Grade 11
Grade 11 worked together as a great team with enthusiastic spirit and thus successfully hosted the Walkathon 2017 event. 


Le Quang Duc - 7H4
He always follows the rules on bus. He shows respect toward younger students, he is also very friendly and willing to help the others.