Olympians of March 2018

Võ Nguyễn Tường Minh - 3A4
Tuong Minh participates well in all class’ activities. She’s really responsible with her homework as well as friends. In the assignment for term 3, she works very well with her partner, solves any problems that arise during the process and shows good critical thinking
Đỗ Trần Minh Trí - 5E2
Minh Trí for being the only student of our school qualified for Round 3 of TOEFL Primary. He has also been a very hard-working and active student who always puts great effort on every class work and homework. 
Nguyễn Thị Thuỳ Trang - G10 - top 10%
Cao Lan Chi - G9  top 10%
Lê Đình Khánh Linh - G10 top 30%
Đỗ Minh Châu - G11 top 30%
Lê Diệu My - G11 top 30%
Nguyễn Bá Việt Dũng - G9 top 30% - 
Listed in top 10% and top 33% essays in the TSL 2018 International Schools Essay Competition and Debate.
Nguyễn Diệu Anh - G2
Diệu Anh has completed all given tasks with excellent quality and has always been very enthusiastic and eager to learn new things. 
Ngô Vân Ngọc - G7
She has always delivered all her work with excellent quality. Outside of her class, she always seeks tougher challenges and is always willing to help out her fellow classmates. 
Đỗ Minh Châu - G11
Minh Chau is good at listening, completing tasks, and has always put effort into learning. She has achieved great result both in school and homework exercises. 
Nguyễn Ngọc Phương Giang - 1A3
She excellently completed all tasks and assignments. She pays attention in class and is active in all class activities. 
Nguyễn Thảo Trang - 11M1
She is active in class and completed all work that she was assigned with good attitude and high quality.
Nguyễn Khánh Linh - 8M1
She is active in class and completed all work that she was assigned with good attitude and high quality. She has earned average score of 10.0 for physics in term 3.
Cao Khôi Nguyên - 9M1
Nguyen is an excellent student. He is capable of comprehend abtract concepts. He also is highly responsible for all tasks and assigments. He has earned 9.5 for chemistry.
Project team of School model - G8-9-10
They worked as a team to build The Olympia Schools's Model. This is a project which requires a strong sense of reponsibility, attention to minor details, team work spirit. The model has been completed in STEAM fair
The Olympia Schools's Choir - G1 - 11
27 members from Grade 1 to 11 have practiced pasionately in club times and after school times on every Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare for the 31st International Franz Schubert Choir Competition in Vienna, Austria and for other cultural occasions of the school
Class 1A1
All members of Class 1A1 make significant improvements in class disciplinary in PE hours. They concentrate well to reach all requested objectives of the lesson
Nguyễn Ngọc Diệp - 1A3
She actively follows the classroom rules and she always behaves friendly to other kids. Moreover, she actively contributes information and ideas to the classroom activities.
Nguyễn Đỗ Dũng -  2A1
He always walks on the right side of the school hallway and this means he always has positive behavior. Moreover, he actively reminded his friends to follow school rules.


Vương Nguyễn Gia Hân - 3A3
She always fulfills her role as a Class Helper. Besides, she is not only an active student in the class but also a friendly person.


Hồng Vũ Bảo Khang - 4A2
He has many positive behaviors such as walking on the right side of the school hallway, using appropriate speaking volume and being friendly with other kids. Moreover, Khang is very active in cleaning up the classroom and taking care of the school garden.

Nguyễn Hữu Nam Anh and Trần Diệp Anh
They practiced really hard and successfully completed the MC task for the Music and Art Showcase for grade 3.

Group of G10
They had enthusiastically prepared and successfully organized the service learning project at Tram Long.


Dương Bảo Hiền - 2A3
She always follows the bus rules and keeps her seat belt fastened all the time. She also says Hello to the others and be on time.


Vũ Gia Bách - 1A3
You have acquired the knowledge very fast and applied it well in practical exercise. Besides, you have had a lot of improvements in writing and spelling the words. Moreover, you have had a good reading speed. You should try more to have a better result next term.
Nguyễn Tuấn Dũng
Quách Thái Thùy Anh
Nguyễn Thành Tín
Nguyễn Hảo Anh
The children always show good spirit of learning, have passion for History and have shown their best when participating in the competition for students at district level.
Nguyễn Trung Sơn
Nguyễn Công Tiến
Nguyễn Phương Linh
Đào Nguyễn Ngọc Linh
The Children always show good spirit of learning, support the team and have creative activities in Philology at the end of term 3.