Olympians of February

Nguyen Thuan Vy - KHỐI 11
Thuan Vy always completes tasks with excellence and is highly trusted in team activities, responsible in her work.
Nguyen Le Khanh Linh - KHỐI 6
Khanh Linh is an active member, completes all her assignments and helps others in class.
Duong Ha Phuong - Nguyen Lam Giang - Grade 2
Ha Phuong 2A3 and Lam Giang 2A1 have been actively participate in learning activities in the class and finish all the homework on time. The students do not only demonstrate their responsibility for all the assignments but also show great willing to share and help others in class.

Nguyen Cong Son - Grade 3
Cong Son completes all assigned tasks on time. In class, he always contributes much and actively corrects his homework.
Đoan Ngoc Duong - Grade 8
Ngoc Duong is a smart student who is logical and willing to deal with difficult problems. In term III, he has participated in a number of Maths competitions and been very helpful to his friends.

Doan Hoang Nhi - Grade 9
Hoang Nhi completes all assigned tasks with high quality. Her presentation is very creative and scientific. She contributes much in class and participates in a number of Maths competitions, including Math Olympiad. 

Ngo Tuan Dung - Grade 5
Tuấn Dũng has been remained deadicated to his learning in science and always follows class rules. His inquisitive nature along with his practical approach to problem solving are a great attribute and will serve him well both during and outside of lessons.
Đo Phuong Anh - Grade 3
Phương Anh is always eager to answer questions and remains engaged and well behaved throughout the whole lesson. She consistently completes homework to a high standard and has a great understanding of the concepts delivered.
Pham Quoc Bao - Grade 7
Quốc Bảo completes his homework and class duties to a high standard and remained engaged during lessons.
Tran Thu Hang - Grade 9
Thu Hang is eager to participate in all subject activities. She achieves great results.
Ngo Van Ngoc - Grade 6
Van Ngoc is enthusiatic and active in class. She is performing well.
Nguyen Dang Trung Kien - Grade 8
Trung Kien is a pleasure to have in class. He participates well in all activities. He has a positive attitude in contributing to the class environment.
Le Minh Duc - Grade 11. 
Minh Duc participates well in class. He is active, responsible and always tries hard to achieve the best he can. He is also an independent and critical thinker.
Nguyen Hao Anh - Grade 9
Hao Anh is one of the class helper who never hesitates to assist other classmates. She performs well in class plus remains an independent student who is analytical and critical.

Tran Ngoc Chau Anh - Grade 7
Chau Anh is recognised for her well manner and enthusiasm. She also performed very well when sharing her team's work during the school assembly. 
High school's basketball team
Congratulations to highschool basketball team to have placed 3rd Prize in Basketball of Hanoi Activities Conference

Nguyen An Khanh - Grade 2
She always completes her homework. Besides, she shows great enthusiasm for classroom activities and she's volunteer to help other kids complete their work.
Đang Minh chinh - Grade 3
He is not only friendly but also volunteer to help others. Moreover, he shows great enthusiasm for collective activities and follow classroom directions.
Nguyen Tung Lam - Grade 4
He is not only friendly but also enthusiastic about helping others. He shows great enthusiasm for cleaning the classroom. He has been contributing and spreading "positive energy" in the class.
Grade 3 has actively supported the organising of the successful "Chung cake" event
Grade 6 has successfully organised the flag salute in February with great quality and punctuality 
Grade 9 is thanked for being responsible and having creatively organised "The Stage"
Nguyen Nhi Linh - Grade 10
She is always on time and often reminds other students not only on the bus but also at the waiting line. She is a very good supporter.
Le Nha Linh - Grade 2
She says "Thank you" all the time to the kitchen staff and follow all the dining-room rules perfectly 
Đang Ha Khoa - Grade 8
He says "Thank you" all the time to the kitchen staff and follow all the dining-room rules perfectly