Olympians of December - 2017

Olympians of December - 2017
Đỗ Việt Phương - 4A2
Viet Phuong successfully completed the tasks of the subject. His writing skills are improved with the ability to express coherently, his ideas are clearly presented, especially in the opening part,the use of words are flexible. At the same time, he can memorize very well the knowledge and skills learned from the first period to apply in his articles.
Nguyễn Hảo Anh, Bùi Đức Quang, Võ Minh Hằng, Dương Mỹ An - 10HE - Nhân văn
They successfully planned and implemented the month's assignment "Southest Asia - the wet rice civilization". Congratulations for being the most responsible, enthusiastic, and well-informed group!
Lê Hoàng Lan Chi - 7G
Lan Chi has always been active, passionate and excited while studying. Her works are noticeable for emotional styles and original ideas .. She had a strong sense of responsibility, great teamwork skills and always participated actively in class activities.
Primary/Middle/High schools
All choir club members tried their best to practice and have a very special gift-their performances to their teachers, all staff and other students on Christmast times
High school female varsity teame - G9-G10-G11
All team members always try their best to practice and show their professional team spirit in their HAC's tournement games
Art clubs - Middle and High schools
All clubs members supported their art teachers in logistic work to create exhibition spaces at school.
Lê Bảo Ngọc - 2A2
Bao Ngoc actively participates in the preparation activities for The Knot. She is responsible for Class Helper; plays friendly with friends and performs "Calm" strategy well when solving situations.
Vũ Tùng Bách - 3A1
During the Knot, Tùng Bách is willing to help, share with other friends. He also implements actively the rule "Leave no trace".
Nguyễn Bùi Duy Vũ - 4A2
Duy Vu is an active citizen of the 4A2 community. He always fulfill every tasks enthusiastically, responsibly and also actively participates in school events.
"English Festival" - Primay School
The students had been working really hard and putting great effort in preparation for the English Festival last month. They have proved that they are the representatives of the Olympia Primary School in the competition. They have received the third prize for their performance.
Hồ Công Vinh  - 7H2  & Đinh Hiểu Minh - 7H2
They are recognized for their enthusiastic participation as MCs in the Winter Festival 2017 since the preparation process till the happening of the event.
Phạm Ngọc Thạch - K11, Phạm Thanh Phương - K11, Nguyễn Tuấn Dũng - K11
They have been successfully awarded the First prize in General Knowledge Challenge 2017 for demonstrating extensive background knowledge.