Olympians of August 2016

Doan Hoang Nhi - Grade 9:
Nhi has consistently been the top student in the class, producing high quality work with great attitude and motivation. She sets an example for other students in the class.

Nguyen Thu Yen - Grade 10
Thu Yen was awarded the Silver Trophy Davinci which is awarded to the studens who are outstanding in 6 subjects of the World Scholar's Cup. She also encourages the 10 graders to participate in the charity program of Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics.

Nguyen Tu Linh dan - Pham Ngoc Minh Thu - Nguyen Thu Hang - Grade 9
They have great motivation and creativeness in studying Literature.

Vu Thanh An - Grade 10
Thanh An is very creative. He has just started studying in Xcel class, however, he shows a great motivation and effort in studying Literature.

Vu Minh Thu - Grade 3
Minh Thu always has great effort, follows all policy well and is responsible in Vietnamese and Literature class. Her writing essays are creative and have clear organization.

Tran Phuong Nhi - Grade 4
Phuong Nhi always completes her homework as well as other tasks on time. She also has outstanding studying result in Math class.

Dang Ha Khoa - Grade 8
Ha Khoa is very smart, eager to learn and always puts his great effort in finding the interesting solutions for difficult problems in Math.

Pham Loi Vu - Grade 11
Loi Vu is smart and responsible in studying Math. He always completes all tasks in class and at home with a high level of quality. He also has the outstanding result in Math in August.

Doan Hoang Nhi - Grade 9
Hoang Nhi is hard working, active and has great motivation in studying Natural Sciences.

Tran Nam Trung - Grade 6
Nam Trung completes all of his tasks. He sets up his objectives of sustainable development effectively, takes note well and he is very enthusiastic 

Nguyen Thu Tra - Grade 12
Thu Tra is very active in Study Skill class, takes note logically and carefully. She has great motivation which is better than the last academic year.

Nguyen Vuong Gia Han - Class 2A3
Gia Han is very friendly; she has good self-control in class. She always has many effective solutions for the problems of class.
Ngo Quang Minh - Class 4A2
Quang Minh always completes all tasks well. His punctuality is good. He also cares about his classmates and is willing to help them.