Olympians of April 2016


Do Thu Ngan - Class 4A2

She is very enthusiastic at being a Class Helper and contributes many ideas for class events.


Nguyen Hao Anh - Grade 8

Hao Anh has great effort in co-operating with teachers to organize a Science conference of a Chemistry project "The 1st International Conference on atmospheric Sciences and application on air quality"


Quach Thai Thuy Anh - Grade 9

Thuy Anh is very hard-working and always completes all tasks well. She is willing to help her friends in studying Math. She has got the outstanding result in the Math test survey of grade 9.


To Ha Linh - Grade 11

She is smart, always active, enthusiastic and creative in studying. She has great contribution in the showcase of Literature.


Dao Quang Minh - Grade 7

Quang Minh has great improvement in Geometry. He also is very active and willing to support his friends in studying Math.


Do Thi Minh Giang - Grade 9

Grade 9Xcel--leadership and team building star in trip to Cambodia working with other students from a different culture and school. She took initiative, made friendships, and showed leadership.


Do Tri Nguyen - Grade 11

He has great manners, friendly and always follows the cafeteria's rule very well.


Le Kien Giang - Class 3A1

He is friendly with his peers, and always tries to create a peaceful environment in the class.


Ngo Quang Minh - Class 3A2

He has very good behaviors, great manners and is always punctual.


Nguyen Hoang Bao Han - Class 3A2

She has great linguistic thinking and she is always active, creative and enthusiastic in studying. She creates many interesting poems and essays.


Nguyen Thao Nhi - Grade 8

She has great manners, friendly and always follows the cafeteria's rule very well.


Nguyen Minh Nghia - Class 2A3

Minh Nghia is very active, enthusiastic and creative in studying English.


Nguyen Minh Phuong - Class 3A3

Minh Phuong has great improvement and effort in studying Math. He is also very helpful to her classmates.


Nguyen Thao Vy - 1A1

She is independent, has good self-control, is responsible with class task and friendly with her peers.


Quach Hoang Nhi - Grade 6

Hoang Nhi has good knowledge and she is very active in studying Physics.


Tran Quoc Khang - Class 1A3

He is very good at complying with the class rules, and always completes his given tasks. Besides he is also keen to explore and discover the built-in programming softwares when he is already done with his class tasks.


Vuong Hoang Mai - Grade 7

She is always active, creative, and has great improvement in studying and completing the project of Geography.