Olympian of November 2017

Đào Nguyễn Ngọc Linh - 7B
She always gets high scores in all skills. She is also willing to help her classmates whenever she can. She has set a good example for the whole class to follow
Hồng Vũ Bảo Khang - 4A2
Bao Khang is a model student.  He is very well behaved and focused, and always finishes tasks on-time.  He is also very helpful, and assists other students to do their best. 
Vũ Trà My, Hoàng Minh Anh (K12); Nguyễn Lê Phương Anh (K9) và Nguyễn Thu Yến (K11)
As the key members of D-Doxa club, they enthusiastically prepared lessons, stayed at school late to give feedback to other members in the club. 
Nguyễn Hà Trâm Anh - 1A1
Tram Anh completes all subject requirements, her writing is neat and nice. She reads Vietnamese language smoothly and emotionally. She knows how to keep her books and notebooks carefully.
Vũ Thanh Trangn - Grade 9
Congratulation to Thanh Trang for making it into Nam Tu Liem District team of excellent Literature students.
Phạm Quốc Bảo - Grade 8
You always complete all his tasks excellently in History subject
Cấn Chí Thành - Grade 4
He is always enthusiasm in class, actively shared his ideas, and asked many critical questions when solving problems. His homework and topic test results are excellent.
Nguyễn Đức Anh - 7H4
He is a  logical thinker, actively contributes in class, and always asks many questions to understand more deeply. As a result, he has achieved excellent results in term II and won the Third Prize in Math Olympiad at the junior level.
Nguyễn Khánh Minh - Grade 11
He has clear logical thinking, actively contributes in class, and completes all assigned tasks with high quality. In term II, he achieved the First Prize in Math Olympiad at the senior level.
Cung Phi Tài Huy - Grade 10
Huy has shown his efforts in studying Science.
Cao Khôi Nguyên - Grade 9
He always being serious in the class and get the high scores.
Doãn Hoàng Nhi - Grade 10
She always being serious in the class and get the high scores.
Ngô Quang Minh - 5H1
He always being serious in the class and get the high scores.
Trần Ngọc Châu Anh - 8MT2
Chau Anh is very creative, friendly, nice and kind. She like to make experinces with innovative materials and come up actively with researching to finish her art work. She comes over every requirements of her teacher. She contributes ideas and effort to accomplete succesfully her relief and model with Ly's Dynastie Dragon.
JV Male Basketball
All JV-male basketball team has brillant results in HAC's games this school year. They have professional team spirit from the beginning of the tournement.
Lê Bảo Ngân - 1A3
Bảo Ngân always keep her posture neatly, listening attentively and actively speaking during classes. She is also appreciated for her friendship and actively apply the knowledge learned in LiFE to life.
Bùi Tuấn Nam - 2A1
Tuan Nam controls himself well in learning, raising hands before speaking and participating in PBIS. He's friendly with friends and polite to the teacher.
Bùi Xuân Anh - 3A4
Xuân Anh is always positive in contributing ideas during the Morning meetings. She plays friendly and says positive words to teachers and friends. Xuan Anh performs well in the Class Helper mission, reminding the members to keep the class neat and clean.
Lê Hải Ngọc - 4A3
The enthusiasm, creativity and excellent cooperation spirit of Hai Ngoc has created many meaningful activities and bring other members in class together.
Tập thể khối 4
Together, our grade 4 students have created a meaningful series of actitivities showing great gratitutde for teachers. Your contribution is the most beautiful present for our teachers.
Lê Công Duy - 6H4
You are recognized for your creative ideas for the school event. He is proactive, enthusiastic and responsible for the assigned work.
Grade 10
You successfully organized Halloween event and enthusiatically helped the school's staff to clean up after the event