The second Hanoi Open - Vietnam Schools Debating Championship hosted by The Olympia Schools

Following the success of first debating tournament in 2017, The second Hanoi Open - Vietnam Schools Debating Championship (HN-VSDC) will be hosted by the Olympia Schools on January, 11-13th 2019. HN - VSDC is an initiative of The Olympia High School and TGC Singapore.

HN-VSDC is the first official debating tournament for high school students authorized by Hanoi People's Committee and directly implemented by Hanoi Department of Education and Training. This debate tournament is specially organized for high school students based on the rules and regulations of the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC). It is open to all Vietnamese students on the national scale with the official name: Hanoi Open - Vietnam Schools Debating Championship.

HN-VSDC is open to all Vietnamese and foreign students (currently studying or residing in Vietnam), 14 to 19 years old (valid until July 1st 2019) from all secondary schools and high schools in Vietnam. Team registration is required with 3-5 members for each team. The registration form is available from November 27th to December 1st  2018 on the official channels of the Organizing Committee


The topics covered in HN-VSDC such as environment, economics, society, education, etc are all emerging and highly-concerned issues which can promisingly heat up the competitions with full of argumentative opinions and fresh ideas from each team. Joining HN-VSDC, debaters are given the chance to compete in a professionally organized competition and the winner has the chance to become a member of Vietnam team to join the World Schools Debating Championships 2019 (WSDC) taking place in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, debaters are trained to acquire confident debating skills, demonstrate transparency and be open to various contradictory statements. The tournament hopes to build a generation of confident Vietnamese students by creating a platform that celebrates constant learning and critical thinking so that our students will become proactive global citizens of the 21st century.  

As an early pioneer in hosting a professional debating tournament with global standard, The Olympia Schools aim at creating a platform for Vietnamese students to learn from other peers in numerous fields such as science, humanity, economics, culture and environment. Being confident is not an exclusive skill for debaters or debating community; it is a crucial skill of all citizens in the 21st century, and particularly important for Vietnamese students to integrate into international environment.