Welcome from Head of Schools

It is with great enthusiasm, commitment, and creative energy that my family and I join the Olympia family. Having worked with the Board of Trustees, administrators, and teachers over the past three years and in American boarding and day ...

The academic year 2017-2018 – also the 10th year anniversary of The Olympia Schools (TOS) – has come to an end and successfully completed its mission in preparing another generation of students to (1) embrace Vietnamese core values, (2) overcome any challenges in studies and in life, and (3) fully integrate in a globalized world. Those are the three pillars of our school’s mission and also the anchors that guide the heart and mind of each and every member of the TOS community each day.

As we look back upon our journey of the first 10 years with pride and joy for positive transformations in our schools and students, we are also looking ahead to the new academic year 2018-2019 with a hope of pushing every frontier of our work to continuously better the learning journey of our students, ranging from innovations in curriculum to an abundance in global learning experiences.

First and foremost, after 10 solid years of relentlessly pursuing the direction of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), this academic year will witness for the first time a full integration of ESD into all core subjects and classes, ranging from topics to teaching methodologies to its perspectives and values. This major milestone is a big leap in our ambition and dream to equip our students systematically with what is needed to build and own a sustainable way of living in a world of chaos and uncertainties. We believe that once fully endowed with these tools, our students will go on to thrive in any academic and professional and personal environment, no matter how challenging each may seem. With such an ambitious yet feasible plan, TOS will be the first and only K-12 school in Vietnam to build an ESD school, thereby bringing our school to the front line of innovative education globally and helping our students to step onto the same level playing field with their peers from top institutes worldwide.

That said, we are fully aware that such a step cannot be achieved only through marshaling our own resources but must be coupled with long-lasting and transformative partnerships to deliver our goals to our students in a practical and effective way. That is the key reason why for the past year and definitely moving forward, we have been and will be continually establishing strategic partnerships with leading education institutes to design and deliver top-notch programs for both our students and teachers.

We have begun partnering with Miss Potter’s School – a top boarding school in the US – to design and deliver the Global Exchange Program, the first of its kind, to bring students to a series of studies overseas in leadership and entrepreneurship education. At the same time, our teachers will work closely with colleagues from Miss Potter’s School to design our English curriculum and also with our long-term partners – Marianapolis Preparatory School (USA) and Stanstead College (Canada) – to design the full International Degree. In addition, we partner with established universities, both domestically and overseas, to design teacher training programs and teacher exchange programs, so that our teachers are constantly updated and challenged with the most innovative methodologies and knowledge in education and in turn will be delivering to our students what is currently going on at the front life of global education, ranging from interdisciplinary studies to 21st century skills.

In terms of extracurricular pursuits, we are constantly reaching out to chisel opportunities to expose and challenge our students in as many areas as possible. While some of students are joining the national debate team in Croatia for the World School Debating Championship, another group is showcasing their choir in Austria and others are presenting their startup business in China or scientific research works at a world-class playing field.

From a more local perspective, our experiential learning center in Tram Long – and more to come in the next few years – is carrying out its vital mission in creating learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom, whereby students are given hands-on experiences with traditional arts and crafts, agriculture and local customs to ensure that our students are closely in touch with their Vietnamese roots and anchored to Vietnamese values no matter how far they will venture out one day in the world.

More than ever, we are seeing the Multiple Intelligences philosophy, which TOS has truly believed in and been built on, is fully coming alive, helping each and every student of ours to unlock his or her own potentials. The prouder we are of what TOS students have achieved, the more responsible we all feel to make sure that our efforts are not stopping there. Each and every success will be a stepping stone, a springboard for the whole TOS community to push ourselves further, so that education does not stop at just preparing for tests and scores today but, rather and above all, for the future and the life that students will build later on.

To cut it short, as amazing as all those successes may sound to some, the true success that stays true to our hearts – the heart of every teacher and staff at TOS, no matter what each does –  is simply the positive transformation, big or small, of each and every student that we consider our child, day in and day out at a place we proudly and happily call Home.

It is truly our humbling privilege, our noble mission and our dream to be able to help our students fly high and far while never forgetting where they come from, to grow into good citizens one day and carry on the one dream that has warmed our hearts ever since we set foot on this path – Preparing for Life.

Olympia, our home, is where dreams have been, still are and forever will be connected.