Student Services

Student Services

Bus Transportation

Students are picked up directly from their homes in new buses. These buses are 16 seat vehicles made by Ford or Mercedes, and they are identifiable by the the Olympia Schools logo on the sides. Professional, enthusiastic, and experienced bus drivers and monitors dressed in Olympia uniforms transport the children to and from school.

Book Store

Students can purchase course books, English books, uniforms, and other Olympia School products at the store. It is also the location for all lost and found materials. Students and families are encouraged to visit the store during school hours, and we are always welcoming ideas for new products and designs!

Health Center

Well-equipped and supplied, our health center has two beds with a private rest room. Primary students are weighed and measured every month. Should there be any issues of concern, parents are contacted and special programs of care are designed for students that may have health-related issues. Each year, the students are given a comprehensive medical check as well, and this occurs within the first two months of the school year. Information is confidential, and should you have any special needs or concerns, please communicate them directly to our trained and registered medical staff.

Food Service

All food at the Olympia Schools is organic and grown and raised without chemicals or artificial means. The school provides many meals to students. Primary students have breakfast, lunch, a snack after nap, and an afternoon snack before departure. They have a choice between two western meals and three Vietnamese meals each week. Middle and High School students have breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. They, too, have choices between western and Vietnamese food, and these meals can be ordered in advance. The menu is repeated monthly, which offers a wide variety of healthy and nutritious foods to students. Le Vie supplies the water, and all lunches serve fresh fruit juice. We are proud of our food service team and the quality of our food.