ICT Program

ICT (Information and communication Technology) I. Introduction:

People in the 21st century live in an environment full of technology and information, which is marked by diverse characteristics such as:
  • Access to rich information sources
  • The rapid development of technology
  • Ability to create huge cooperation and contributions from individuals.

To be effective in the 21st century, citizens and workers must be able to express a wide range of functions and thinking skills related to technology, information and communication. The ICT Curriculum at Olympia schools was designed based upon 21st Century Skills standards and meets the criteria for "Preparing for Life".

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II. Objectives of ICT & Media: IT
  • Helping students to do well in other subjects task
  • Help students highlight ICT in the family
  • To assist students preparing for University Study
  • Help students understand the media around him/her
  • Help students locate themselves in society and to express themselves confidently
  • Help students improve their analytical and critical thinking in all aspects of life

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